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The Twin Princes

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   The Twin Princes

Reviewed by Tommy and Juliana 


Do you like exciting stories? If you do, you should read The Twin Princes written by Tedd Arnold. The book takes place in the king's kingdom. The king's wife had died while having the twin princes. He was so upset he couldn't keep track of which one was born first. When it was time to decide which prince would become king, the king declared that his son's would have a race to see which one would be king. Fowler stuffed poison ivy into Henry's horse's mouth. The next day he did become sick, just as Fowler had planned. Their father said whoever came in last would become king of the kingdom. The brother named Fowler hopped onto his brother's horse, so henry jumped on Fowler's horse. Henry went very fast and got in first place in the race. Fowler came in last on Henry's horse. Since they were twins, his father couldn't tell which was on which horse. Since it had been Henry's horse in last, he was crowned king. I would recommend this book to children in kindergarten and first grade. I really like it, so I think you should check it out! Oh remember, this book has an extremely hard riddle! 



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