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The Sweetest Kiss

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The Sweetest Kiss

Reviewed by Toria and Lawson

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If you love a kiss from your true love, then you will enjoy this book called " The Sweetest Kiss". Every time I read this book it makes me feel happy and special inside! The jewelry that the animals are wearing makes me feel rich too! The characters in the story are so nice and sweet including the frog prince! If you enjoy romantic picture books then this book is for you! I thought about it and I'm going to tell you why I enjoy it. I enjoy the way the characters talk. They are so funny, once I laughed so hard and disturbed my whole class! This book is written by Maranke Rinck. She is a very wonderful author! The illustrator by Martinjn Van Der Linden. I would recommend this book to second graders. It is a little hard for me. This would be a good book for teachers to read to their class and for parents to read their toddlers for a goodnight story. The summary of the book is that the frog prince is trying to get his first kiss and he meets many beautiful other girl animals, but he can't find one that he wants to kiss! Then, he finally does. So, go to your local book store and check this book out!



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