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The Monster Who Did My Math

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The Monster Who Did My Math

By Hunter ,Benny,and Zach


Mosnstermath.wma Listen to the review in Windows Media Player


Do you hate math? Have you ever wished for a fairy math mother? You know , someone who just pops in your room and solves all your math problems. In the book, The Monster Who Did My Math, you can read about what happens when you wish for someone else to do your work. The author of this unfortunate fairy tale is Danny Schnit and the illustrater is Bill Meyers. This book was funny when they counted backwards. I would recommend it to first through second grade. The boy has to pay the math monster some money because the monster does the boys math and expects to get paid. The monster keeps on saying pay now or pay later! The boy keeps on saying pay later. Now if you like spooky, and funny stories then you will like the book The Monster Who Did My Math.




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