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Piggy Wigglet

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Piggy Wiglet


Reviewed by Nell and Gabrielle


Piggy Wiglet.wma Listen to the review read aloud using Windows Media Player.



If you like bright and colorful pictures you`ll like this book called Piggy Wiglet. The author is David L. Harrison. The illustrator is Karen Stormer Brooks. The setting of this is outside, in a little town. The characters are Piggy Wiglet, Cow, Horse, Donkey, and Duck. There are zoo animals and kids too. I would recommend this book to pre-schoolers. The best part of the book was when Piggy Wiglet goes back home and falls asleep. The problem in the story is that Piggy Wiglet gets out of the barn and everybody is chasing him and he can't catch the sun. Also, the sun lands on top of the barn. We hope you check out this book at the library. It is a really good book and we had fun reading it. This book is a very adventurous fiction book and it is a really cute book for little kids because it is rhyming word book and so it is easer for little kids to read. I would also recommend this book to both boys and girls.





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