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Oliver Has Something to Say!

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Oliver Has Something to Say!

Reviewed by Samantha, Katherine, Kali, and Juliana


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Are you shy? If so, then you should read Oliver Has Something to Say. Oliver Has Something to Say is by Pamela Edwards and illustrated by Louis Pilon. It takes place at Oliver's house. The characters are Oliver, his sister, Margaret, Mom, and Dad. Oliver has trouble speaking for himself, so when he tries to open his mouth someone will say something for him. During the story Oliver gets mad because he isn't able to speak by himself but after his birthday at Pre Kindergarten, his teacher asked him if he wanted to play with the train set. He open his mouth and said "I want to play with the trucks instead!" So, he spoke for himself. This is a funny book and the illustrations are wonderful. It is a fiction book and super funny! The setting is mainly at Oliver's house and I would reccomend it for kindergarten through 2nd grade. We enjoyed this book and hope that you enjoy this book too!


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Anonymous said

at 9:45 am on Mar 25, 2008

I love all your books i think the monster who did my math was very funnyest

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