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Reviewed by Hollan and Irma


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Have you ever been sad that someone wouldn't share there toys with you! Well if so heres a book all about that, The Mine-O-Saur. Kids would love this book, The Mine-O-Saur. This book is by Sudipta Bardan-Quallen. The setting is at the Mine-O-Saur's school. My favorite part is when, the Mine-O-Saur always gets jealous from all the other dinosaurs and throws a tantrum!!!!! I would recommend this book to, Pre-K children or Kindergartners. It is also a good family book to, I know that any child 4-6 would really love this book!!!! They have this book at all your local Library. Check out this awesome book called The Mine-O-Saur. This book is GREAT!!!!!


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