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Jake Stays Awake

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Jake Stays Awake

Reviewed by Tyler and Caylen


I had so much fun reading this book called Jake Stays Awake written and illustrated by Michael Wright. It's about a boy named Jake. He will not go to sleep without his parents. So he sleeps with his parents and they are going MAD! They have Jake's feet in their noses and crayons in their mouths. So, they they try sleeping in different places, like the stairs and the car, the roof, the bathtub, and the kitchen. In the kitchen, it was hard to sleep when you were feeding your face. It has great illustrations that are filled with color. It has tons of rhyming words which makes it easier for little guys to read. I would recommend this book to kindergartners through second graders. It has a good moral for children and adults. Go check out this book. You'll be glad you did.


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