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I Miss You Every Day

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I Miss You Every Day

Reviewed by Rachel and Gina


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It's okay to be sad when you miss someone, and that's the message you will find in the book, I Miss You Every Day. This story is mainly about a girl who misses someone. So she writes many letters saying I miss you. Then, she ships herself to the person, and when she gets there she says, " Give me candy and a bath for me to stay." I liked this book, it is interesting, and easy to read. My favorite part was when the girl gets unwrapped. It is a kind and sweet story. I would recommend this book to first through second grades. It has a lot of beautiful and unique pictures that make it easy for younger kids to understand. So Hurry to the library and don't miss out on this book, I Miss you Every Day!



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Anonymous said

at 9:46 am on Mar 25, 2008

I love the book i miss you evrey day and the book you cant play soccer daddy.

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