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Welcome to Mrs. Ayrish's and Mrs. Morris's

Class Book Reviews



For this project students in first and fourth grade teamed up to read brand new pictures that had been nominated for the Florida Reading Association's Childrens Book Award. The buddies read several books together and decided which one they wanted to review. The first graders drafted the review and the fourth graders edited the reviews. First graders and a few of the forth graders narrated the reviews. Finally, the forth graders re-created the gorgeous book covers. For more information on this project you can e-mail Mrs. Ayrish at shannonayrish@yahoo.com.


Click on the name of the book to read a review.


llama llama mad at mama



Dear, Deer

Oliver Has Something to Say!

The Monster Who Did My Math

A Mountain of Mittens

Jeffrey and the Sloth

Piggy Wigglet

Wolf's Coming!

That's Not How You Play Soccer, Daddy!

Jake Stays Awake

The Twin Princes


If Not for the Calico Cat

I Miss You Every Day

The Sweetest Kiss


The Three Swingin' Pigs


For questions or information about our site please contact shannonayrish@yahoo.com.

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Anonymous said

at 7:55 am on Mar 20, 2008

Check out the pictures I added. Mrs. Ayrish

Anonymous said

at 6:59 pm on Mar 28, 2008

There are six narrated reviews. See if you can find them. Add a comment. ~Mrs. Ayrish

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