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Dear, Deer

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Dear, Deer

Reviewed by Dawson, Bowen, and Justin


DearDeer.wma Listen to review read aloud in Windows Media Player



Did you know words can be funny and even confusing? If you like figuring out words then Dear Deer is the book for you ! The author is Gene Barretta. Also, just in case you get confused Gene Barretta is a man. The main idea is that Aunt Ant is writing a letter to her nephew. The characters are Deer and Aunt Ant. It's a good book for fourth graders and they will get the joke of it. It's a very exciting book for little kids too. Also, there's a hare hair with no hair. The author wrote this book to entertain readers of all ages. It would also make a good Reading Rainbow book. If you were an adult and your child read this book, it would release your child's excitement. I would recommend this book to pre-k through fourth graders. Also if you have a child and he or she goes to DeSoto Trail, then he/she should check out this book at the media center.


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