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Reviewed by Kelsey and Rachel


Cute.wma - Listen to the review read aloud with Windows Media Player.


If you like funny bunnies, you will like Cute. It's about a bunny who marries another bunny, but it doesn't happen so easily. This book is written by Linda Dijkstra and she has a clever way of telling stories. Marije Tolman also makes the story come to life with her animated pictures. The settings are Toby's house, the woods, the lake, a motorcycle place, and a zebra patch. The characters are Toby and another bunny. The problem is the girl bunny does not like Toby. So, during the whole story Toby tries to impress the girl bunny. We like this book because we like bunnies and motorcycles and the other animals. We'd recommend this book to sixth graders, like my cousin because she is always trying to impress the boys. Don't miss this wheelie, popping bunny book because it is amazingly cute and a popping adventure!




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