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A Mountain of Mittens

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A Mountain of Mittens

Reviewed by Tanazhia, Jordan, Dayvis, and Breana


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Have you ever lost your mittens? If you have, you should read the book A Mountain of Mittens. The author is Lynn Plourde and it is illustrated by Mitch Vane. The book is about a girl named Molly who loses her mittens in school after her parents tell her not to. She tries different ways to keep track of her mittens like for example, she tries to velcrow her mittens to her clothes. But, again Molly loses her mittens. In the story, everyone gets stuck in a HUGE pile of mittens and duct tape. Then, with a little of special snip-snapping cutting equipment and super-duper teamwork, everyone is free from the pile in no time! Read the book and find out why Mr. Jolly, Miss Holly, Mr. Golly, and Mrs. Folly mumbled and grumbled and rumbled and roared. I would recommend this book to my friends and family. So remember, if you have lost your mittens, A Mountain of Mittens is the book for you!



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